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August 27 2013

25 Beautiful Love Birds Pictures

25 beautiful love birds pictures (3)

Beautiful love birds !!! Can you imagine a world without birds ? No, never. Birds are the gift of God . They play vital roles in human life : they not only make the world look beautiful but also provide free refreshment. Have you ever enjoyed the chirping sound of birds in your lonely hours ? It’s amazing to see the activities they do in their circle. If the bird belongs with small category then your amusement would reach to the extent you can’t imagine. They jump from one branch to another making sounds. They look just like human kids fully drowned in their fun. And one of the most liked birds are the beautiful love birds. They are named Love Birds because of their beauty and uniqueness.


beautiful love birds pictures


beautiful love birds pictures


beautiful love birds pictures


beautiful forest love birds pictures


tender orange love birds pictures


grey headed love birds pictures


beautiful love birds pictures


love birds kissing


white and yellow love birds pictures


beautiful love birds pictures


group of love birds pictures


love birds pics


beautiful love birdsin tree pictures


beautiful love birds in cage pictures


pets love birds pictures


yellow love birds pictures


beautiful love birds photographs


African love birds pictures


colorful love birds pictures


red headed love birds pictures


grey color love birds pictures


baby love bird pictures


love birds photos


love birds pics


love birds pictures


August 26 2013

Incredible Artwork made from Spilled Liquid

Incredible Artwork made from Spilled Liquid (1)

Drawing is one of the great arts all over the world. The types of paintings differ in various forms and they are many. Drawing with the spilled liquid is one of them, in which the paintings are drawn from the food items that spilled out. Vivi Mac was one of the best painters who use to paint using the various spilled food items. The creativity varies each time on his painting and this time she tries to paint the historical figures, celebrities and much more. The following portrait was created on various food items to create famous celebrities from it.

The painter used various food items like coffee, caramel sauce, milk and much more food items and to be sure the painting was really amazing and the ideas with concepts behind was the mind-blowing think by the painter. The choice of the creativity results the beautiful portrait of the amazing drawing with spilled liquid by Vivi Mac.



















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August 22 2013

Tantalizing and Creative Photographs by Jaimel Barra

Tantalizing and Creative Photographs by Jaimel Barra (15)

Incredible snaps present the tantalizing photographs of Jaimel barra. He is a multi talented person he is a good and an accomplished flamenco guitarist and also a graphic designer. He has traveled many places on this planet and he has a lot of tendency to portrait the thing romantically. He also has a very good hyperactive imagination to create the thing amazingly. He was represented by 5 pieces gallery, just while seeing his photographs it will be amazing and romantic too. The dress up of the fashion artists really gorgeous. The photographs of models are looks very hot and mind blowing. If you want to watch more tantalizing photographs just stick in to incredible snaps.

Source – Deviantart , Jaimel Barra






















More Photographs

August 21 2013

Babies First Expression of Tasting Lemon


Babies expression was always fabulous and beautiful. What will be the first expression of tasting lemon? Sure it is fabulous. David Wile and April Maciborka think about and capture the best and beautiful expression of cute babies on their first expression of tasting the lemon. This was one of the creative ideas and we may not remember our first expression of tasting lemon but the photograph creates a fabulous outline of us from these smart kids. David Wile and April Maciborka also added that it was one of the best and beautiful moments of their life that they never forgot it. Some different ideas and the creativity thinking of photographers always result in the fantastic moment and I would say this was best among them. Just feel the beauty and makes your beautiful moment in your life and also to your junior.

Website: aprilmaciborka.comdavidwile.com


More photos

August 19 2013

25 Creative Daughter Photos taken by his Father

25 Creative Daughter Photos taken by his Father (1)

Incredible snaps presents the amazing photographs of 4 years kid taken by her dad. This creative dad taken the fantastic photographs of his daughter. He is a Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano taken the creative photographs of his 4 year daughter Kana. He gave an amazing title for these photographs as my daughter kana. As being the little she perfectly suits the photo frame and dress up is so cute and lovely. Kana seems to be having more fun while her father portraying her. She gave amazing posses for the photographs. You can just watch out the amazing snaps of kana. Sure you will love it.

Website: flickr daughter



























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August 17 2013

40 Beautiful Places in Pakistan


Incredible snaps present the amazing photographs of Pakistan. Pakistan is in Asian continent and it is one of important country in Asia. Pakistan is the second largest of Muslim country. Pakistan stands in eighth for its strong military force. markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. Pakistan also stands 4th for its cotton production. The most populous religion in Pakistan is Muslims. Coming to science and technology Pakistan is very active in mathematics and science. The national poet of Pakistan is Mohammad iqbal. Sugar cane juice is Pakistan’s national drink. At the time of independence Pakistan has only one university The University of Punjab, but now they have 136 universities. There are so many interesting places in pakistan like Mohenjo-daro, tablighi jamaat, data darbar complex, faisal masque, tarango towers and Lahore zoo, Lahore fort etc. still there are many places in Pakistan.See and enjoy 40 Beautiful Places in Pakistan here.



Azad Kashmir


Bala Hisar Fort

banjosa lake pakistan

banjosa lake pakistan


chitta katha lake




Deosai plain, Sakardu, Pakistan


Faisal Mosque


Ghanta ghar, multan


Hanna lake


Hiran Minar


Hunza valley


Islamia College Peshawar


k2 Peak, pakistan


Kaghan Valley

kalash valley

kalash valley


Khyber Pass


Kundal Shahi Neelum Valley


Lahore Fort


leepa valley pakistan


Mansehra district, khyber pakhtunkhwa


Masjid Muhabat khan


mazar e quaid


minar e,-pakistan


Nanga Parbat


night view karachi


niran valley


Pakistan Monuments


polo ground


rama lake, pakistan


Shah Faisal Mosque


Shahi Fort


Shangrilla resorts


Sheosar Lake, Deosai Plains, Pakistan


shigar valley pakistan


soon valley pakistan


Thar Desert



Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque


Ushoran Valley


Wazir Khan Mosque




August 13 2013

Pictures of Beautiful Faces of Girls

Beautiful Faces of Girls Photos (29)

Every breath she takes gives me heart attack! You have seen many beautiful faces in incredible snaps which are really breathe taking but now these photographs are one step beyond that. We feel that, it is our great pleasure to share the photographs of these beautiful faces of girls with you all. These collections are really amazing and the background of the photographs are just stunning. One of the important thing in these photographs are the eyes of the girls, you can some unknown message are given by those two eyes. To see that is really impressive. The costumes of the girls and the locations are just stunning. Here you can enjoy the sizzling beauties.


August 09 2013

Beautiful Casino Photographs

beautiful casino photos (17)

Casino is one of the most used gambling all over the world from earlier days. A room or house that accommodates for certain gambling activities. Casino has the hotel, restaurant, shopping and much more facilities in it. Casa was the original name for Casino which originates from Italy which refers to the small house. Casino was the very old game that started in Chinese by the year 2300 BC and it exist till today. Today in our showcase we have some beautiful shots and famous casino photographs from earlier to till date for you.


























Online casino gaming has not had the devastating effect on land-based casinos that many expected it would – indeed the increasing numbers of them suggest that it is actually adding to the customer base – but there are some casinos that possess the kind of historic interest which would see them survive anyway.

There are a lot of reasons to want to visit Venice, unarguably one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful cities, but the presence of the Casino di Venezia is certainly among them. The unique history of this establishment saw it expand via several different structures in various parts of the city, simply because the constraints of the famous waterways made it impossible to enlarge the first building once it started to become successful.

Quebec is part of French-speaking Canada, but most visitors to Quebec will certainly want to check out the Casino de Montreal. The setting for this casino is remarkably scenic, as it is located on the artificial island Ile Notre Dame, in the St Lawrence River.

Australia is not short on casinos of historic interest, but one of the most unusual is the Adelaide Casino, which can be found in the unlikely setting of the city’s Railway Station.These are just a few of the many famous and historic casinos worth visiting, if you are planning to take a trip abroad, all of which offer the same games you’ll find at an online casino.

August 07 2013

30 Stylish Doll Photography by Michelle

Beautiful Doll Photography by Michelle (1)

Are you crazy about dolls! Just hit this link to see attractive photographs of dolls. This great work was done by Michelle. She is a female photographer from Singapore. She loves drawing. All her photographs are taken using Nikon D90 by using different types of lenses. This is a kind of fantasy photographs you will love it a lot. Her doll photographs are really impressive and the costumes and the styles of dolls are just tantalizing. The eyes of dolls are really very attractive and the hair styles are just amazing. Just come out of reality and enjoy the fantasy world and am sure you will love it. Just take a look on this extraordinary beauty.

Michelle Website – Deviantart, Flickr, Facebook

August 05 2013

70 Popular Tourist Destinations of India


Incredible snaps present the amazing and popular tourist destinations of India. Immediately after saying India we will remember its incredible culture and united people of the country. Not only its culture and people but also the eternal external beauty of India.In India you can see many things that take the eternal place in each and everyone’s heart. In India there are so many thing to enjoy starting from natural to man made each and every thing stands amazing and it always grabs the attention of people who look on to it. Each and every state in India has its own important and they possess a special place in hearts of foreigners and the people of India are proud of this popularity. Starting from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal you can see amazing spots. Like in Andhra we have charminar, rushikonda beech. In Tamil Nadu Madurai Meenakshi temple this is one of the historical temple and oldest temple and many hill stations like kodai, mettupalayam etc. in Karnataka the Mysore palace and hill stations like corgi and in Arunachal Pradesh Tawang THE Snowfall Mountain , rivers in India like ganga, narmadha, godaveri and many more are just amazing. Its very difficult to explain the beauty of India in one or two paragraphs. It’s your turn to enjoy the beauty and popular tourist destination of Incredible India through the photographs enjoy it. Travel India in a Single click.



Ajanta caves



Ajanta cave sculptures



Araku Valley,Visakhapatnam district



Auroville, Pondicherry



Bandipur National Park


Bhangarh ruins of Rajasthan

Bhangarh ruins of Rajasthan



Chadar Trek



Chand-Baori , Abhaneri, India



Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan



Dabbe fall in Karnataka






Door Less Houses of Shani Shignapur



Dudhsagar Waterfalls, on the Goa Karnataka






Floating Pillar of Lepakshi



Gir Forest



Goa Beach



Gravity Defying Palace in Lucknow



Gurez Valley ,Kashmir



Hogenkal Falls, Tamilnadu, India


Idukki Arch Dam, kerala

Idukki Arch Dam, kerala



Jamma Masjid, Old Delhi



Jantar Mantar at Jaipur






JOG FALLS, Meghalaya



Kanchipuram Temple,Kanchipuram,Tamilnadu










Kerala, Athirapally Water Falls



Kerala Home stay



Khajjiar, Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh.



Khajuraho,Madhya Pradesh



Konark Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa



Lake of the Moon



Lake Pichola and the City Palace



Lal Mandir, Delhi



Loktak Lake, Manipur



madurai meenakshi amman temple


Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh












Murud Janjira, Raigad district of Maharashtra






Neelkanth Parvat, Uttarakhand



Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunjee,Meghalaya



oberoi udaivilas






Ornate Tomb, Lodi Gardens, Delhi



Pamban Bridge at Rameswaram


Palani Murugan Temple in Pazhani Tamilnadu India

Palani Murugan Temple in Pazhani Tamilnadu India



pillar rocks at kodaikanal



Red Fort, delhi






Roopkund Lake or Skeleton Lake



Shravanabelagola, Karnataka



swimming elephant in the Andaman Islands



Taj mahal,agra


Thekkady in Kerala State

Thekkady in Kerala State



Tawang Monastery



Thanjavur brihadisvara temple,tamil nadu



The Qutub Minar



The World’s Largest Corridor of Ramanathaswamy temple,Rameswaram






Trichy Temple in Tamil Nadu



Valley of Flowers, Uttaranchal



verenasi, india



Vijaynagar, karnataka



wayanad lake, kerala



Zanskar Valley



July 30 2013

30 Popular Dog Breeds in the World


Incredible snaps brings you loving pet 30 Popular Dog Breeds in the World, which is very cute and very trust worthy animal which behaves very friendly with us, now you come to know what am speaking about. Yes am speaking about every ones lovable pet dogs. Dogs are taken care like kids in many houses. They just love their pets and give extreme care. Dogs are lovable there are so many varieties of breeds in dogs. Each one has their own specialty. Breeds like Labrador, German shepherd, pit bull, Siberian husky, and bull dog and more are few types of bread of dogs. Bull dog is very famous because it was performed in hutch advertisement and from that time it was like by all and every one love to have that at your home. Dogs like pug and American pit bull, Yorkshire terrier are beautiful dogs. In olden days the Pomeranian and dauber dogs are famous but now a days we can find 100’s varieties of dogs, now you enjoy the photographs of different types of dogs.


July 29 2013

Beautiful France Photography

beautiful france photography

It,s my great pleasure to showcase the beautiful photographs of France at www.incrediblesnaps.com. The Name of the France comes from the Latin Francia, which means “country of the Franks. Frank means opposed to slave. France is one the most developed countries of the world. France is a founder member of United Nations.One of the most beautiful lady Mona Lisa wife of King François belong France and another uniqueness of France is the great Emperor of the French Napoleon Bonaparte. One of the seven wonders of world Eiffel tower at Paris is a great global icon of France. Still there are so many places in France which are really mind blowing like The Normandy landing beaches, Versailles Palace, Carcassonne, Lourdes, Pont du Gard, Lascaux caves, Mont-Saint-Michel, Wine Regions of France etc, are most visited sites and very famous too. The culture of France and of the French people has been shaped by geography, by profound historical events. France, and in particular Paris, has played an important role as a center of high culture and of decorative arts since the seventeenth century. France has also played an important role in cinema, fashion and cuisine. Here I listed some of awesome photographs of France which speaks even more about the country hope you all enjoy the beauty of the France.

beautiful france photography

Flowers of Southern France

beautiful france photography

Eiffel Tower and the Seine

beautiful france photography

Ballons Metz France

beautiful france photography

France – The Torero

beautiful france photography

Paris, France

beautiful france photography

France, La Defense

beautiful france photography

Monument to Diderot, a French Philosopher

beautiful france photography

Paris Statue Saint France Monument

 beautiful france photography

Paris France Golden Statue

beautiful france photography

Statue in Paris, France

beautiful france photography

La Cote de Granit Rose, France

beautiful france photography

France, Paris, Montmartre

beautiful france photography

France, Versailles

beautiful france photography

Fleurs de France: Ray of Light

beautiful france photography

France Paris Louvre Museum

beautiful france photography

louvre museum france

beautiful france photography

louvre museum france

beautiful france photography


beautiful france photography

Fleurs de France: Sparkle

beautiful france photography

Napoleon Bonaparte

beautiful france photography

Mont Blanc Massiv

beautiful france photography

Tour Eiffel

beautiful france photography

Chamonix Needles

beautiful france photography

Tales of the Crypt,paris

beautiful france photography

Red flower,france

beautiful france photography

Birds, France

beautiful france photography


beautiful france photography

Underneath l'Arc de Triomphe

beautiful france photography

Chateau de Versailles

beautiful france photography

Chateau of Versailles statues

beautiful france photography

bassin de neptune

beautiful france photography

Neptune and Amphitrite

beautiful france photography

Jardins du chateau de Versailles - Neptune

beautiful france photography

Le bassin de Neptune - Versailles - France

beautiful france photography

Lavender Sunrise

lets save that woman allegedly caught,Nicolas Poussin

beautiful france photography

La Vieille Charité

beautiful france photography

Mickey Wreaths and Big Christmas Tree on Disneyland

beautiful france photography

France / Paris / People

beautiful france photography

Chambord Castle, Loir-et-Cher, France

beautiful france photography

France / Paris / Buildings

beautiful france photography

Bonaguil Lot Castle, France

beautiful france photography

Villandy Gardens, France

beautiful france photography

Du Louvre à L'Institut de France

beautiful france photography

Mont Saint Michel

beautiful france photography

Arc de Triomphe

beautiful france photography


beautiful france photography


beautiful france photography

Cupid's Kiss

July 24 2013

35 stunning Photographs From Different Artists

35 stunning Photographs From Different Artists  (25)

Incredible snaps present the amazing photographs born from the creativity of various artists. Up to now incredible snaps presented photographs of single artists but this will be a amazing treat for the lovers of photograph lovers. This is the mix of various and stunning photographs which may impress you in the first look. This is something impressive and excellent photographs and sure that you will love it in the first look. This is something like contemporary type of photography. I hope you will enjoy this amazing photographs.

July 21 2013

Amazing Photographs of Winter Background

amazing photographs of winter background (8)


Take a look on amazing photographs of winter background in incredible snaps. It is very good to enjoy the winter pleasures, and everyone loves to enjoy it. Winter is one of the seasons which bring happiness and joy in everyone’s hearts. It will be very good see things during winter. The trees will be very fresh in green colour and the nature wears a new and fantastic green dress during winter. The fog will cover the hills and mountains and it will be amazing to see such sceneries. We can still enjoy lot in winter. The pleasures of winter are eternal and festivals like Christmas and New Year brings more joy. Winter is like a boon for humans to get good sleep too. Good sleep and winter are like twin sisters. It will amaze to see river side scenes during winter. Here you have few amazing photographs of winter see and enjoy it.


July 17 2013

30 Mind Blowing Photography

30 Mind Blowing Photography (18)

Every photo is Photoshopped to make your mind blow and to take your breath away. Today our showcase was covered with various author photographs which stand as the best in top of the contest. There is no order but it orders to open your heart. These photographs includes underwater photography, best shots of birds photography, beautiful places with more attractive and much more.
Today we target the creativity and the hard work of most of the best author all over the world to make them to gather in a single place. We expect the result to be as a contest and you as a judge to select your mind blowing and breathe taken photographs by which we can gather the best author according to you. So we ask you our honourable judges to add your thoughts about today’s photoshopped photographs.

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30 Mind Blowing Photography (1)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (2)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (3)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (4)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (5)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (6)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (7)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (8)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (9)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (10)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (11)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (12)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (13)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (14)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (15)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (16)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (17)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (18)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (19)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (20)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (21)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (22)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (23)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (24)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (25)

30 Mind Blowing Photography (26)

imgimgimgimg30 Mind Blowing Photography (2~</p></a></p></a></a></p>

July 15 2013